How to make an omelette

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It’s become a sort of tradition in our house that one morning every weekend, my husband makes breakfast. His go-to thing to make are omelettes. That being said, it took a lot of practice and patience to get it looking like an omelette. 😉

Oh, and did I mention that there was a few times when omelettes made it to the floor? You know, the whole I-think-I’m-a-chef-by-flipping-it-in-the-pan-with-no-spatula. Yeah, that happened. That being said we’ve come a long way and I always look forward to omelette mornings!

First, he’ll sauté the veggies. Today, he decided on mushrooms, spinach, peppers and onions. Yum!

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Next, we get to try out our fancy-dancy new omelette tools! Boy, do they make life so much easier (and I’m not just saying that…they really do, especially the beater and spatula).

OXO Omelette Supplies-1

First, the eggs must be cracked into a bowl. I’m rather picky and require more egg whites than eggs. So, the egg separator comes in handy here.

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Next, you have to beat the eggs until it becomes an even mixture.

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Once you’ve preheated the pan and greased it with oil spray, butter, or straight up olive oil from the sautéed veggies, pour the eggs into the pan. Make sure the pan is just the right size for the amount of eggs you are cooking. If you grab too large of a pan, the egg will be too thin and hard to flip. On the other hand, if the pan is too big, the egg will be rather thick and take a while to cook through.

Using your spatula and carefully going around the sides, loosen the egg from the pan and allow some of the uncooked egg from the top to drain down to the bottom of the egg. Once you feel comfortable enough to flip, carefully flip the egg.

OXO Omelette Flipping

Once the omelette is on the other side, load it up with veggies and cheese. Allow the cheese to melt just a tad and make sure the egg is cooked completely underneath.

OXO Omelette Folding

Serve right away with your favorite toppings (I love salsa on mine!).

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So, what do you like in your omelette? Or do you spell it omelet?

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This post was sponsored by OXO. I was given these three omelette tools shown here. All opinions are my own.


  1. This might be the answer to my egg problems. I’ve never thought to flip the egg patty first, then top, then fold. My issue tends to be undercooked innards and over-cooked (as in, brown and scaly) outers. I am sooo trying this method!

    1. Hey Lauren, I appreciate your feedback. Without the sponsored posts, the only other way for me to be able to sustain the website is through ads. I feel like ads liter some websites and take away from the valuable content. It’s hard for me not to accept some sponsored posts since I want to make Chocolate & Carrots as clean and appealing as possible. I try very hard to choose brands that I truly believe in (either that or I’ll give an honest review of the product…even if it is negative). Also, without sponsored posts, I’m not able to host awesome giveaways for you guys. Of course, I always appreciate my readers feedback and can certainly scale back the number of sponsored posts if it is something that isn’t appealing. I actually have a reader survey in the works that I’m hoping you’ll fill out. This will be very helpful for me to make better decisions as far as revenue streams like ads and sponsored posts. Thank you so much for your feedback, Lauren! Best, Caroline

  2. Hi Caroline! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I think you are an amazing cook and baker as well as an amazing and inspiring person. I was wondering do you have any suggestions for drinks for my upcoming graduation party? My mom and I would really like to make some kind of punch, but we don’t know any really good recipes. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Pharron! You are so sweet and completely made my day. 😀 First of all, congratulations on graduation! How exciting! Okay, as for drink recipes, I’ve only ever made a few of them and I’m not sure if you had a color theme or school colors that you wanted to stick with, but I had a punch recipe on Blissfully Domestic that has been temporarily taken down and this is it:

      Virgin Bloody Punch
      2 cups diet ginger ale
      2 cups 100% pomegranate juice (I used POM.)
      12 ounces pineapple juice
      25 frozen blackberries
      Pre-fridgerate all of the liquid ingredients.
      Pour all of the ingredients into a punch bowl, give it a quick stir and serve up it up!

      Also, if your into mocktails, these two were excellent! And if you want a warm drink if you’re up north, this one is my favorite!

      If anything, you can’t go wrong with juices mixed with sprite or ginger ale. Have fun and congrats again! 😀

  3. Thanks for the response. I see where you’re coming from. If you need to do ads, do them! That way we can see more of you!

  4. Thanks so much for an easy omelette-how-to. Every single time I attempt an omelette, I end up having no choice but to turn it into a scramble. I’ll definitely be trying this method!

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