1st birthday invitations {giveaway}

I can’t believe almost one year has passed already! It feels like just last week I was holding this tiny 8 pound baby in my arms and now he’s mister independent and on the verge of walking!

With that said, it’s prime to time make Liam’s 1st birthday invitations!

Do you like it?

1st birthday invitations

Recognize that address? Anyone? If you do…name that show!

To make this precious invitation, I used this lovely iPad app:


I’m excited to show you its features and what I did and didn’t like about it. Ready and go!

The app is great for cards, invitations or just something to put in a picture frame. First, you can choose the shape you want your craft to be:

size craft

Next, you come to the craft portion of the app. You have all of your tools on the left:

  • inserting a photo (from gallery or taking one)
  • stamps
  • glitter
  • text
  • pen
  • corner punches
  • paper
  • stickers
  • and overall themes of these tools.


When you click on the themes, four themes come with the app (shown here):


You can also click the sticker button and it pulls out the sticker drawer, where each theme has different stickers to choose from:


The stamp drawer works the same way and has a variety of stamps.stamps

Below is the gallery screen. You can view your crafts in thumbnails or close up like you see here. This is also where you can duplicate a project, share (via email, facebook, twitter, or just add photos or create a pdf of your craft), order on snapfish, print or trash it.gallery

Also, do you see the snow globe in the corner above? This is what that does. No idea what for. ???let it snow

Since the app is limited to the 4 themes, you can also purchase extras.buy more themes

The intro to the app has a cute example of what can be done in the app, too:example

Okay. So, here are my thoughts.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Stickers and stamps can’t be sized any bigger than it’ll let you.
  • There’s no capability of centering things, you just have to eyeball it.
  • There are 12 other themes that you can buy (with more coming soon) that all have to be individually purchased for $1.99 a piece and that’s after buying the app for $4.99.
  • To make the stamps solid, you have to layer them on top of each other.
  • The pen and glitter is all free hand. If you want straight lines, good luck! 😉
  • There’s no bar indicating the size of the text. You have to either duplicate the text or just guess.

Things I did like:

  • There are ways to work around the flat text look by duplicating the text, changing the colors of the two and layering them.
  • It’s easy and very intuitive if you just want something quick.

Overall, I enjoyed using it, especially once I got in the groove…with no baby interruptions (thank you nap time!). It’s fun just to play around! So, do you want to win the app?


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