Disney {Day 2 of 5} Recap

So it’s Friday morning, May 17th and we got up leisurely around 8am. Headed for some monstrous breakfast at the Grand Floridian’s Gasperilla Grill, then grabbed our park tickets from the convention center. Woot!

I snapped a quick photo before heading out. I’m rocking my BUMPED by BLANQI under the t-shirt! Smooth lines…just sayin’.Disney Day 2-1

We were off to Hollywood Studios…Disney Day 2-6

Disney Day 2-2

My husband rocking the 3D glasses in Star Tours. Did you know that there are different scenes and experiences depending on which one of the Star Tours ships you get on?! So cool!
Disney Day 2-3 Disney Day 2-4 Disney Day 2-5 Disney Day 2-7
Father and son chilling out before our FAST PASSES for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.
Disney Day 2-8 Disney Day 2-10
We got first row. Woot!
Disney Day 2-9
Disney Day 2-11
Next stop, Magic Kingdom.
Disney Day 2-13 Disney Day 2-12

We headed back to the Grand Floridian to get freshened up. I headed over to the Food Blog Forum kick off cocktail party while my crew headed to Epcot. I met them at Epcot after the party.

Disney Day 2-16 Disney Day 2-14 Disney Day 2-15 Disney Day 2-17 Disney Day 2-18Liam was WIRED after a full day in the parks. It was almost midnight before he went to bed. Phew!

Get ready, tomorrow will be another spectacular day in the form of friends at Food Blog Forum with a dable in the parks at night!

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