the first year in photos

Baby's First Year

You made me a mommy 365 days ago…days that have flown by. Even though I’m the busiest and most tired I’ve ever been, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because of you. This year was my favorite yet. I’m blessed beyond words that you came into our lives.

Happy 1st Birthday Liam!

(and Happy 5th Birthday to our first born, puppy, Leland!)

Baby's First Year in Numbers

  1. One Month – We were exhausted. You were a night owl. You spit up a lot and were diagnosed with acid reflux.
  2. Two Months – We’re still exhausted, but you started smiling and made it all better. I’m breastfeeding more often to help your reflux. You were crowned the spit-up king.
  3. Three Months – You started sleeping through the night. We also both witnessed your first laugh. We’re so happy.
  4. Four Months – You’re underweight still, but with help from a lactation consultate, we finally found out that it wasn’t milk supply. Your acid reflux is the culprit. Frequent meals are key.
  5. Five Months – You discovered your voice, blowing bubbles and you had your first x-ray to rule out a more serious issue with weight gain. You’re just a small boy and perfectly healthy. We also started solid foods as per the pediatrician’s request.
  6. Six Months – You have us wrapped around your tiny fingers. You clear your throat when you’re excited and you sat up on your own for the first time.
  7. Seven Months – Teething and sitting up are our exciting firsts this month. You’re still the reigning spit-up king.
  8. Eight Months – With lots of food under your belt, pinching fingers, getting on all fours and ‘dada’ it’s the month of firsts and developmental milestones!
  9. Nine Months – You’re on the move. Crawling is your forte. You’ve got more teeth too! Bring on the food.
  10. Ten Months – Talking and crawling are your favorites. You’re now a traveler, having flown on a plane and we started slowly weaning off breastfeeding.
  11. Eleven Months – Mr. Mischief should be your new name. You’re on the verge of walking and getting into everything. No fear.
  12. Twelve Months – You’re walking! You took your first steps at Disney World. I can’t believe you’re 1 year old! Happy Birthday little dude.

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