RSS Feed Reader Change {Important}

It was sad day when I learned that Google Reader would exist no more as of July 1st. I know that there’s over 1000 of you AH-MAZING Chocolate & Carrots readers that use Google Reader. So, I’m here to give you a few options to continue to read your favorite blogs via a reader. Here, we will show the simple process of transition from Google Reader to feedly.

Start by importing your feeds associated with your Google account.


Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 9.32.09 PM

Now.. you’re done. It was quite painless, actually. From here you can customize your experience according to your needs from a typical Reader-like layout to a visually-pleasing magazine format. Following are some screenshots of the service.

7 Organization 6 Home Chocolate & Carrots Title Screen 8 View post 9 View tile

Feedly is the go to choice since there is a great web client (cross-browser) as well as support for iOS and Android. The interface is beautiful, customizable and available for a great variety of devices.  Most of the social and sharing components are integrated into the app and the developers continue to improve it. Chocolate and Carrots will be updating our site to improve with Feedly’s integration in the future.

There are a few other RSS reader options that come recommended:




For desktop-only applications or other popular options, head on over to Lifehacker for their suggestions.


For those of you that can’t decide on a RSS reader quite yet, you can go ahead and sign up for the email subscriptions to chocolate & carrots posts or you can go to Google Takeout and download your Google Reader data, saving it for a transfer to a new RSS reader at a later date.


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