What’s in my bag?

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What's in my bag

I’m flabbergasted over how much lighter my bag has become as Liam has grown. At first, I felt like I was taking his entire nursery with me to the grocery store. Now that he can eat what I eat, eat less often, nap less often, poop less often, doesn’t spit up as much and can be entertained more easily, my load has gotten lighter!


Do you want to see what’s in my bag when out-and-about with a 1 year old?

What's in your bag

  1. Bottle – Because baby’s gotta eat…or in this case, drink. Liam refuses to drink milk from a sippy cup still, so bottle it is.
  2. Water Bottle – Not only does this come in handy for drinking purposes for Liam and I, but it also helps for sticky hands! I usually have a reusable bottle that I carry with me, but it’s ugly and didn’t want to show you my lack of bottle style. 😉
  3. Changing Pad – This never leaves the diaper bag. Liam has gotten too big to change on my lap, so a pad is necessity when out-and-about. You should have seen me last week, changing him on the bathroom floor of Starbucks (no baby changing table) with the pad separating him from the yucky floor. Thank you, changing pad!
  4. Hand Sanitizer – Or as I like to call it, germ juice (a term I picked up during my days as a childcare provider).
  5. Wipes – Umm, I don’t want to be caught with a poop explosion without these babies!
  6. Wet Wipes – These are just handy. Liam is to the stage of wanting to walk everywhere, but his footing (especially in shoes) is terrible. His hands are always touching the floor with germs from goodness-knows-where. These wipes are essential before he sticks his fingers back in his mouth.
  7. Diapers – A no brainer.
  8. Banana – We are seriously monkeys in this house. I’m pretty sure our grocery store cashier thinks we’re raising one. Bananas are my handy fresh snack to bring on the go. No refrigeration required!
  9. Baby Snacks – I always keep either yogurt chips or puffs in my bag for little snack breaks or distractions.
  10. Spatula – No, I’m not making cookies on aisle 4, this spatula will keep Liam entertained for a while. It’s small and quiet and my personal favorite toy. 🙂
  11. iPad Mini – After taking our trip to Disney World, I quickly learned that a car ride lasting more than 20 minutes requires Baby Einsteins on the mini. My husband rigged up a way for Liam to watch it while he’s in his rear-facing car seat.
  12. iPhone 5 – My constant connection to the blogosphere and my way to capture those cute moments of Liam.
  13. Coupons – I’m not an extreme couponer (I wish I was!), but I keep a few coupons with me at all times, just in case. Every little bit helps!
  14. Wallet – Gotta have the monies!
  15. TCHO – I always keep a little snack for me in my bag. Today it’s chocolate. 🙂

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