Stitch Fix Review {November}


What's in the Stitch Fix Box

It’s that time again and I couldn’t be happier with this Stitch Fix box. Again, I chose the cheapest box option and it was so much more affordable this time! On top of that, I loved every single thing I got (and hopefully I’m wearing them correctly!).

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, it’s an online service where you fill out a style profile, pay $20 to have a stylist pick out clothing or jewelry for you and send them to you. Once you receive them, try them on and you have three days to choose which ones you’ll keep and which ones you’ll return (package and shipping already included). If you keep any of them, that $20 styling fee goes towards your final purchase. Easy peasy!

Since I loved everything in this entire box, I purchased the entire box, receiving a 25% discount. You see, I could have lived without the bangles, but it was actually cheaper for me to buy the entire box than to just buy the clothes! So, I basically got the bangles and more for freeeeeeee!

Ready to see what I got?!

Stitch Fix Option 1 |

1. Peppermint Jonni Lace Hem Detail Dress – I loved this dress the moment I put it on. It can be dressed up or down and perfect for fall and winter! Hello, holiday parties! My husband (such a doll) even suggested that I could slip on my black leggings and make it extra warm! P.S. It was 30ish degrees outside when we took these photos, hence the ‘Hurry and take the photo’ face and rosey cheeks. 😉 This dress is $48.

Stitch Fix Option 2 |

2. 41 Hawthorn Milo Pleated Detail Skirt – I’m not quite sure if you’re supposed to wear this skirt so high, but I think it totally works. Plus, my hips are so freaking wide that it will not go any lower on my waist. Done. I also tried it on with the shirt in #3 and it rocked my socks! It looks like a sheer dress that is just dying to be taken out on the town! This skirt is $48.

Stitch Fix Option 3 |

3. Fun2Fun Avera Beaded Neckline Sleeveless Blouse – Just a fun and flirty top. The beaded detail is pretty and helps dress the shirt up. Also, I’m loving the back. My husband even mentioned how much he liked the cut at the bottom of the shirt. I think it makes my itty bitty torso look a little longer. Thank goodness! This shirt is $48.

Stitch Fix Option 4 |

4. Bay to Baubles Maura Color Block & Studs Bangle Set – I would have lived without these bangles, but it was cheaper to buy the entire box with these in it. Plus, it’s a great baby distracting tool while out and about. These bangles are $36.

Stitch Fix Option 5 |

5. Renee C Jemdy Striped Dolman Sleeve Jersey Top – Even with the horizontal stripes, I like how this shirt hides things well. It’s tight at the bottom and loose everywhere else. And when/if I have another baby, it’ll be a great maternity top, too! I think it was Lauren that said this shirt reminded her of webbed feet and it totally does, but it’s comfortable and I like it. This shirt is $48.

Stitch Fix Options |

To sum up, these are the options I had and went ahead and bought the entire thing! Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Red Dress – $48
  2. Black Skirt – $48
  3. Blue Shirt – $48
  4. Bangles – $36
  5. Black Shirt – $48

The entire box was $228, but with the $20 styling fee credit and a 25% discount for purchasing the entire box, the total was $156. This box was MUCH better priced considering my last box was worth $340 (and that was still with the cheapest clothing option!).

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Thanks again for bearing with my fashion and if you want to sign up to try Stitch Fix for yourself, click here:-)

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the Stitch Fix box by myself. This post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit towards my next box because you want to make me more fashion forward, right?


  1. Everything looks fabulous on you! I love that dress but it probably wouldn’t look good on my frame. And I love the bangles — so glad you kept them! They are blue to match the shirt, right? Or is the color just reflecting off the shirt? (I need more coffee!)

  2. Love Stitch Fix…and this looks like a great fix! Love the striped dolman top and the skirt. Also, like your boots…what brand are they?

    1. Thanks Julie! 😀 The boots are New Directions, Cynthia boots. I bought them at Belk a few years ago and I’ve seen them on ebay since then. 😀

  3. What a great box this month! They really did a good job picking stuff out for you this time. Everything looks great on you! I would have kept the whole box too!

  4. They really don’t know how to pick flattering clothing! It looks to me like you should look great in anything you wear, but they need to send you younger and fresher styles.

    1. I agree Phyllis. It’s almost like they need to look at a full body photo of their customers to get the real scoop on what body type we are. 😀 Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your photos and feedback! I agree that you could be wearing cuter, more youthful styles. And yes, you can carry it off, lol. I have tried Stitch Fix all summer, and am giving them one more shot. I changed stylists and got more specific in my notes after trying on the clothes. I live in Los Angeles, so I have lots of choice, but don’t take much time to shop in person. I have had amazing success with their jeans, and got a few fun tops, too (I do like the royal blue one they sent you!) But I think their prices are pretty high, and their quality doesn’t always measure up. Looking forward to seeing your next posts, good luck (-:

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