Stitch Fix Review {January}

What's in the Stitch Fix Box

It’s that time again to see what I got in this month’s Stitch Fix box. I chose the cheapest box option again! Ready to see what I got?!

Before we get to the clothes, if you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, it’s an online service where you fill out a style profile, pay $20 to have a stylist pick out clothing or jewelry for you and send them to you. Once you receive them, try them on and you have three days to choose which ones you’ll keep and which ones you’ll return (package and shipping already included). If you keep any of them, that $20 styling fee goes towards your final purchase.

Easy peasy!

And here we go!

Stitch Fix Review - Outfit #1 |

1. Zouk Jerrick Tribal Print Dress – I liked the dress on the hanger, but once I put it on I felt very granny. Since I have a small bust, it didn’t help extenuate that in the slightest. I added a belt which made it look a little better, but still not doing it enough justice to keep it. Do you agree? This dress is $58.

Stitch Fix Review - Outfit #2 |

2. Bay to Baubles Crystal & Neon Gem Collar Necklace – I just don’t know. This necklace fell really strangely on my neck, like the jems wanted to stare at the floor instead of the person in front of me. This necklace is $28.

Stitch Fix Review - Outfit #3 |

3. Just Black Amrita Skinny Jean – These jeans, these jeans. I never would have picked out this color for myself, but I’m kind of digging them! They fit just perfectly, going high enough on my waist to cover my tummy, but tight enough on the bum that it flatters so I can work it. 😉 These jeans are $68.

Stitch Fix Review - Outfit #4 |

4. Papermoon Wynn Ikat Print Front Pocket Blouse – This was another example of looking great on the hanger, but not so good on me. I love the color and pattern, too. This shirt is $48.

Stitch Fix Review - Outfit #5 |

5. Mystree Tancy Stripe & Colorblock Cotton Cardigan – I have really long arms and this sweater just makes them look way too long. Plus, I can’t button the sweater without the buttons looking like they’re going to pop off. Too many Christmas cookies? 😉 I love love love the colors, though. This sweater is $38.

Stitch Fix Review |

Let’s recap.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Tribal Dress – $58
  2. Necklace – $28
  3. Jeans – $68
  4. Red Blouse – $48
  5. Cardigan – $38

The entire box was $240, but with the $20 styling fee credit and a 25% discount for purchasing the entire box, the total is $165. This is the cheapest clothing option and it would normally be a great deal if I liked everything like I did in my last box.

You voted and helped me to decide! I ended up just keeping the jeans and love them!

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.24.57 AM

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Thanks again for bearing with my fashion and if you want to sign up to try Stitch Fix for yourself, click here:-)

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the Stitch Fix box by myself. This post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit towards my next box because you want to make me more fashion forward, right?


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