The Golden Tote #Review

The Golden Tote #Review #fashion #box |

I’ve been enjoying my Stitch Fix boxes for the last few months, but recently discovered a different, but similar type of clothing box called The Golden Tote. Here’s how it works:

The first Monday of each month a new sale happens with an entirely new line of clothing. You fill out a really short questionnaire to narrow down your style and body type. Then you choose from:

  • a small box $49 for:
    • 2-3 items, up to a $200 value
    • You choose one  piece of clothing to receive out of a provided selection of clothing, they’ll surprise you with 1-2 more items that fits your style.
  • a large box $149 for:
    • 5-7 items, up to a $600 value
    • You choose two pieces of clothing to receive out of a provided selection of clothing, they’ll surprise you with 3-5 more items that fits your style.

Lets talk about the pros and cons of The Golden Tote.

The Golden Tote #Review #fashion #box |

The Pros:

  • It’s simple and easy. The questionnaire is really short and you have the option of choosing the first couple of items that you’ll know you get to keep!
  • The value is good. With Stitch Fix, I always order the cheapest box of 5 items and if I purchase the entire box, it’s never been below $200. However, if you purchase the large Golden Tote, you get 5-7 items for $149.
  • They have a Facebook group where you can trade or sell your Golden Tote items between other Golden Tote recipients.

The Cons:

  • It’s an all or nothing deal. If you don’t like some of the pieces or some don’t fit, you can either keep the entire box and sell or giveaway the ones you don’t like or fit into. The alternative is that you can ship the entire box back, but you have to also send back the pieces you did love.
  • You have to pay for shipping. While that can be a burden of a minimum of $8, you can also have your Golden Tote rushed to you for $20. You also will pay for shipping if you send your tote back.
  • If you don’t order your tote pretty soon after the sale begins on the first Monday of the month, it’s likely that some of the pieces you get to choose from will sell out.

Okay, enough talking…let’s get to the clothes. Are you ready to see what I got?

The Golden Tote Outfit #1 #Review #fashion #box |

Black Lace Top – First up in my Golden tote was this pretty lace top with soft grey cotton sleeves. They also sent the black tank top that I’m wearing underneath. It fits great and can be dressed up or dressed down. I think it’s also a great piece for any season.

The Golden Tote Outfit #2 #Review #fashion #box |

Black and Beige Top – This razorback tank top was one that I chose to receive in my Golden Tote. It’s a black loose fitting tank with a pretty beige detailing on top. I figured it’d make me look tan. I’m pretty pale, so I think it did it’s job. It’ll be great to wear this summer on the hot days!

The Golden Tote Outfit #3 #Review #fashion #box |

Grey and White Stripped Top – This top was one that was a surprise for me in my tote.  I was a little skeptical about it at first, but it’s really comfortable and beachy. It is great for hiding everything, too.

The Golden Tote Outfit #4 #Review #fashion #box |

Bohemian 3/4 Length Top – Here’s another top that was a surprise for me. The material is very soft (Liam couldn’t stop rubbing it!) and it’s figure-flattering. I wouldn’t have normally chosen this type of top, but I really like it!

The Golden Tote Outfit #5 #Review #fashion #box |

Navy Dress – This dress was also picked out for me. I love the pop of red underneath. It’s slightly big in the bust region, but I think it looks great! I’m wondering if I could add a belt to really make it pop. What do you think?

The Golden Tote Outfit #6 #Review #fashion #box |

White Lace Dress – This was the second item that I chose to receive in my tote. It would be a great rehearsal dinner dress for a bride and also a perfect Easter dress! I feel feminine and pretty in it. It’s got a silk-like lining, making it really comfortable. I love the zipper back, too.

The Golden Tote #Review #fashion #box |

Overall, they did well on style and price. Having purchased different types of boxes now and also knowing how much I spend on clothing when I go shopping (a rare thing any more with a baby), I think this is a great deal, especially if the clothing fits and you like it. I love not having to make the decision of what to keep and what to send back. I also love the ease of shopping. No temper-tantrumed toddlers in the store while mommy tries on clothes.

When I get an itch to update my wardrobe again, I will definitely invest in another large Golden Tote. If I happen to not like some of the clothing, there’s always my sisters to pawn stuff off onto and the Facebook trading group.

Ready to give The Golden Tote a try? Click here to get yours!

The Golden Tote #Review #fashion #box |

This post was sponsored by The Golden Tote. They provided me with this complementary box. This post also contains referral links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit towards my next box because you want to make me more fashion forward, right?


    1. Thanks Jane! It’s a Priddy by Puella dress. Maybe you can make a note of wanting that dress in your April Golden Tote! 😀

    1. I’ll tell you, I’m terrible at decisions and that’s where I struggle a bit with Stitch Fix. However, I usually just keep a minimum of one item from Stitch Fix to get my money’s worth. If you’re afraid of commitments, The Golden Tote is really nice because you can send it all back and you’ll just loose the money on shipping. Else, you can keep it all and sell it on eBay or even trade it on their Facebook Trading Group that’s just for Golden Tote customers. The small tote is $49 + shipping, if you don’t want to splurge on the larger tote. Happy Shopping! 😀

  1. I just ordered my first Stitch Fix box and it will be here the 21st, so I’m curious to see what I will get. I may check into the Golden Tote in a few months and see if that would be worthwhile. It looks like you got some really cute items!

    1. How exciting! I loved my Stitch Fix boxes, but was surprised at how I loved every item in the Golden Tote bag…and for a lot cheaper. 🙂 Either way, it’s a fun way to find some great clothes that you normally wouldn’t pick for yourself! Enjoy!

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