True&Co Review

True&Co Review |

Have you heard of True&Co? It’s similar to Stitch Fix but specifically to purchase your undergarments online (specifically bras, lingerie and panties).

The beautiful thing about True&Co is once you fill out the ‘style & body profile’ called TrueSpectrum, you get recommended items to choose from, to receive in your box. Then, experts choose a couple more items they think you’ll love! True&Co then sends you your bras and undergarments to try on at home, absolutely free of charge. You have 5 days to decide what to keep and send the rest back for free. You only pay for what you keep!

Unlike Stitch Fix, there’s no charge if you send everything back. Another advantage of True&Co is that you can purchase any of their products a la carte on their website like you would any other online shopping website.

True&Co Review |

Are you ready to see what I got in my second True&Co box?

Across the Universe Bra True&Co Review |

She Walks in Beauty (+ Light) Across the Universe Purple Bra ($44) –  This was one recommended based on body type, so I picked out. It fit well in the cups, but it was uncomfortable everywhere else. I love the color, but not the comfort….and I’m big on comfort. This bra was sent back.

Bump it Up Bra True&Co Review |

OnGossamer Bump It Up Biscayne Teal Bra ($46) – This bra was comfortable all the way around…and I’m picky about that. It fits well everywhere and I love the fun color! I kept this bra!


Feathers Nude Bra True&Co Review |

Natori Feathers Nude Bra ($68) – This bra was recommended to me for my body and fit everywhere, but the lace was a bit itchy. I can’t do itchy, so this bra went back.

Perfectly Fit Wirefree Bra True&Co Review |

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Wirefree Black Bra ($45) – This bra was another that was recommended to me and fit my body. However, it was unflattering in the bust. It pushed down like a sports bra and was itchy where the cups met the back band. The razorback option was nice, though. I returned this bra.

Mini Rose Zaccardi Tube Bra True&Co Review |

NikiBiki Mini Rose Zaccardi Tube Bra ($11) – This bra was recommended to me and was very comfortable. It was light weight and cute. Perfect for around the house and under pajamas. I kept this bra.

Long Camisole True&Co Review |

NikiBiki Long Camisole Black ($15) – Love this! It’s a perfect maternity camisole, too, because it’s so long. The thin straps are great, too! I kept this shirt.

Easy Fit Shorts and Racerback Tank True&Co Review |

Uniform Easy-Fit Short and Racerback Tank Scallop Shell ($36 and $33) – They were comfortable, but terribly unflattering. It basically shows every flaw and is definitely see-though. No go for me.

Two Toned Leggings True&Co Review |

NikiBiki Two Toned Leggings ($25) – They fit, but not well. Because they are two-toned, the portions of the material that stretch more get lighter and you can tell they are problem areas for your legs. Also, the top band isn’t flattering because it cuts at your hips. I returned these pants.

Easy Fit Pants True&Co Review |

Uniform Easy Fit Pant ($42) – Very comfortable pants and super soft. They’re also lightweight and have pockets. However, they aren’t flattering. They were so soft so I kept them, but I will only wear them around the house. I can’t get over how soft the Uniform line is!

Overall, I enjoyed my second experience with True&Co. The prices were very comparable to where I normally do my shopping (Victoria’s Secret and Belk) and I don’t have to drag Liam in and out of a dressing room with me for hours. If you get a chance, I would recommend trying it out! You can’t go wrong since it won’t cost you anything if you decide against keeping anything. Just saying.

First True&Co Box

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the True&Co box with credits from the referral links. This post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that gives me a small credit towards my next box because you want to make me more fashion forward, even underneath, right? Please read my disclosure policy for further information.

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  1. I tend to be in-between sizes, so I struggle to order bras online. I have thought about giving this a shot at least once though just so that I can see what the service is like and whether they could find any that truly give me a good fit.

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