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Aloft Miami |

After our stop in Vero Beach, we drove another 2 hours to Miami. We quickly made a reservation at Aloft Miami on our way down, which thankfully was right off the interstate. We had to capture the moment after our first LONG day of traveling.

Can you tell Liam is about to fall asleep on my shoulder?

Aloft Miami |

So let’s talk about the Aloft.

I’ve stayed at┬áserval Aloft hotels around the country and I always love how inexpensive, yet modern they are. Miami was the same in that aspect. We got a little view of Miami from our balcony, too!

Aloft Miami | Aloft Miami | Aloft Miami | Aloft Miami | Aloft Miami |

Overall Thoughts

It was a great place to stop in on our way down to the Keys, however, we didn’t appreciate the (basically) required valet parking. We got in so late at night and the only available parking outside of the hotel was street parking blocks and blocks away. Since we didn’t know if the area surrounding the hotel was safe, we paid to valet the car.

After our night’s sleep at the Aloft Miami, we headed out to find a place to have breakfast before getting on the road again. Unfortunately, the traffic in Miami is insane and the people of Miami (including the restaurant we tried to eat in) were very rude and uninviting. Needless to say, we will probably never visit Miami again. We drove an extra 45 minutes down the interstate and found a little bagel shop, fueled up and tried to forget about our unpleasant visit with Miami.

Next stop, Tranquility Bay Beach Resort!

Aloft Miami |

I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are my own. I just wanted to share about our vacation in hopes to help you plan your next vacation!

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