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Vero Beach |

Since our great Florida Keys adventure took over 12 hours of straight driving to get from our house to Key West, we had to break it up into two days of traveling. With our toddler, we stopped every 2 hours to play at the rest areas, playgrounds, restaurants, etc. At dinner time on our first day of traveling, after 7 hours of driving, we stopped in a Vero Beach, Florida.

I mapped out a great little hole-in-the-wall pizza restaurant, called South Beach Pizzeria.

South Beach Pizzeria

We ordered a giant pizza (yes, we took down the entire thing!) and it was delicious! The great thing was that the restaurant was walking distance to the beach. They had picnic tables to eat on. The perfect break from our road trip!

South Beach Pizzarerria | South Beach Pizzarerria | South Beach Pizzarerria | South Beach Pizzarerria |

 South Beach Park

Just a few steps away at Vero Beach was South Beach Park. There’s plenty of parking, restrooms, outdoor showers and a boardwalk to the beach. The sand on Vero Beach is course and full of seashells. It wasn’t crowded at all, which we loved!

Vero Beach | Vero Beach | Vero Beach | Vero Beach |

Overall Thoughts

Vero Beach was a great place to stop on our way to the Florida Keys. It would make a relaxing and secluded getaway for beach lovers with that really laid back vacation style.

Vero Beach |

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