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With the arrival of baby #2 coming soon, a traditional baby shower wasn’t necessary. I have most everything I need from when Liam was a baby. I just registered for a few things like warm infant clothes (baby #2 is coming in the winter, whereas Liam was a summer baby), extra bottles and lots of diapers and wipes.

Baby Sprinkle – Instead of ‘showering’ the mother-to-be with gifts like you would with her first child, simply ‘sprinkle’ her with love and a few gifts.

The baby sprinkle was merely a wonderful excuse to get our friends and family together before baby #2’s arrival. Most everyone hadn’t seen our new house and I always love a good excuse to get everyone together! It’s hard to do when you have a big family!

The baby sprinkle was filled with loads of sprinkle desserts like cake pops, sprinkle lined milk glasses, sprinkle and chocolate covered pretzels, sprinkle covered sugar wafers and sprinkle covered rice krispie treats. All homemade and delicious! Since I wouldn’t want to have everyone go into a complete sugar coma, we also had bite sized fruit cups, veggie dip cups, and an assortment of sandwiches. Oh, and there were mimosas (virgin mimosas for me!).

Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle |

The baby sprinkle was a drop-in, but we still wanted it to be fun and filled with games. Thanks to my sister, we had ‘stations’ scattered around the house for fun and games.

Our games included:

  • Diaper Notes – Writing funny sayings, jokes, notes, etc. on diapers to entertain the parents during those midnight diaper changes.
  • Flip the Questions – Both mommy and daddy-to-be were asked a bunch of questions and you flip up the card to read both answers!
  • Guess the Gender – Using stickers, guess the gender of the baby-to-be!
  • Onesie Coloring Pages – Great for little kids and grown-ups alike, set up a table with blank onesies and crayons for doodling fun.
  • Pick-a-Date – Print a calendar for your guests to help guess your due date.
  • Guess the Belly Measurement – Set up a station with yard and cards to wrap the cut yarn and write names on it. At the end of the shower, see who’s yarn was closest to the actual belly measurement!
  • Alphabet Coloring Book – Print out the letters A-Z on 26 sheets of paper. Have your guests decide on a word that begins with that letter and illustrate it. This makes a great keepsake for your children when they’re learning their letters!
  • Sperm Hole – Think corn hole, but with sperm shaped bean bags. And yes, I made the sperm bean bags. I truly made my mother proud with that one. 😉 You wouldn’t believe how much of a hit it was!

Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle |

Finally, the decor was filled with all pastel colored flowers and homemade confetti balloons!

How to make Homemade Confetti Balloons:

  • Using a 1-2 inch circle cutter, cut out rainbow colored tissue paper.
  • Have one person spread the clear balloon opening and one person gently place the rainbow circles inside the balloon.
  • Fill with helium and tie it off!

Note: You can purchase a helium tank for easy assembly the day of the party. I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but I think you can also purchase them at Walmart.

Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle |

To show our gratitude for attending the shower, we had hand sanitizers for our guests as they were leaving. And I can officially say the baby sprinkle was a beautiful success and now we’re prepped with loads of diapers and wipes for the new baby!

Thank you for all who attended and all who helped orchestrate this lovely event!

Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle | Baby Sprinkle |

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