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I have had very little time to think about pregnancy this time around with the new house, chasing a toddler around, work and life. All I need were the essentials to make life easier and more comfortable. Here’s my list of my favorite pregnancy things!

My Favorite Pregnancy Things |

  1. Blanqi Leggings – During my last pregnancy, I was largest in the middle of summer. This time I’m delivering in February so I need warmth. I’ve been wearing the Blanqi leggings for about 3 months now and wear them about 5 days a week. They’re the only leggings I’ve ever found to cover my entire belly, allow me to breathe and still be super comfortable and they smooth out all the unwanted lumps and bumps. I tend to wear them with boots and a sweater and I always feel so beautiful and supported in them. I’ll definitely be investing in some again during my next pregnancy. And pretty soon, I’ll be rocking the Bumped by Blanqi (a postpartum cami for nursing).
    Blanqi Leggings |
  2. The Bump Nest – Also known to my son as ‘mama pillow’ to which he loves to drag to the den and cuddle with. I can’t sleep without it any more and I even packed it up and took it on our babymoon a few weeks ago! It has such great support and allows me to sleep well with this growing belly. I did a full review on it if you click the link above.
  3. Acure Lotion – I’ve been using this lotion just for daily moisture for a few years now and it just so happens to be perfect for pregnancy, as well! It’s unscented (good for folks with skin conditions), super hydrating but doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, paraben free and organic. I use the same lotion on my son after bath time, too. I’ve had no additional stretch marks that I didn’t already have from my first pregnancy. Thank you moisture!
  4. Prenatal Massages – I’m fortunate to live in a town that has a spa dedicated to just women….It’s called the Mom Spa, in fact. I’m also a lucky girl to have a husband that knows I love massages…it’s basically at the top of my list. I’d rather have a massage than any other material possession as a gift. So, when my birthday rolled around, my husband treated me to a gift card at the local spa that has special prenatal massages. I went once a month for the last four months of my pregnancy and I’ve got to say it was the best thing ever. It was an hour out of my month for a little ‘me time’ and complete relaxation. If you can find a reputable place (ask around) and find a masseuse that you like, it’s worth every penny. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.
  5. Giant Tervis Cup – I bought a 24 ounce cup that was all mine. I mean, it says mom on it, so it has to be mine! I know the recommendation is to drink 64 ounces of fluid per day when you’re pregnant, so that adds up to filling this cup up almost 3 times. When you’re busy chasing a toddler and going about your busy day, it’s nice to be able to just have to fill it up three times. I can count to three and three is easy to remember, even when you’re pregnant. Drink up!

What are some of your favorite things for pregnancy?

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