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I’m honored to be a Stonyfield Ambassador this year, sharing deliciousness including celebrating YoBaby’s 16th birthday!

YoBaby | crackersandcarrots.com

We started Liam on yogurt when he 9 months old. I know you can begin yogurt at 6 months, but we decided to try most fruits and vegetables before we introduced yogurt. Nevertheless, he loved it! At first we tried just plain (Stonyfield YoBaby Simply Plain), unsweetened yogurt with puréed fruit mixed in.

Then, we introduced him to the good stuff: The flavored YoBaby. We mainly only fed him the YoBaby pouches (the ease of yogurt on-the-go and hardly any mess) and that’s still what he prefers to this day. I’m pretty sure he goes through about 10 pouches per week and if I let him, he’d inhale 6 pouches in one day. He’s a yogurt beast!

YoBaby | crackersandcarrots.com

Since Liam is getting older, we’re slowly making the transition to using utensils. He’s never been interested in them and it’s been quite a challenge to get him to try. He’ll usually get two bites by himself before he gets frustrated with himself. We’re trying. We even got him a cute little toddler table (i.e. the big boy table) to make the transition to eating like a big boy even more exciting.

But, put a container of YoBaby in front of him (after allowing him to choose his flavor, of course) and we’re all about it. The cuteness!

Do you have any tips of how to make the transition to using utensils?

YoBaby | crackersandcarrots.com

I’m so excited for all of the ‘new’ and ‘firsts’ with the new baby. And Stonyfield’s YoBaby will be our first again very soon with baby #2!

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