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I’m honored to be a Stonyfield Ambassador again this year, bringing you fun and creative ideas for you and your family. This fun activity is in celebration of Earth Day 2015!

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

I’d like to call myself a closet (eating) hippie. I’m always on a mission to raise a happy and healthy family, feeding them foods I feel are as unprocessed and natural as possible. I’m all for trying new foods (chia seeds, coconut flour, kale chips, cashew milk, etc.), especially if it’s grown in the ground.

I love living in the south and within 5 minutes of our local farm. We pass by it most days and stop frequently to get produce and flowers. Seeing the evolution of crops is such a wonderful educational tool to getting your children to eat healthier. What’s more, is creating a little backyard garden of your own!

We lived in rental houses and with family for 2 years before purchasing our current home, causing us to be unable to create a garden that we longed for (plus Liam was a little too young at the time to understand gardening). However, now that Liam is almost 3 years old and we have a house (yippeeee!), it was prime time to grow our garden!

We’ve already got all sorts of goodies growing in our garden, like cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and herbs. But, I usually take the short cut route and buy the little sprouted plants ready to be planted in a garden. However, this time I’m excited to show my kids the entire process of growing something from a seed.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this process, you have to start out slow, planting your seeds in small containers indoors, allowing them the best environment to begin growing before transplanting them outdoors to mature.

To start, I took Stonyfield Oh My Yog! yogurt containers (they’re clear so we can watch the roots!) and filled them with a mixture of dirt and compost.

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

Then, Liam did the honor of poking a few holes in the dirt for the seeds.

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

Then, he sprinkled seeds in the holes.

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

I helped him cover the holes up with more dirt and we watered our little seeds!

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

He was so excited! We placed them at the shaded window by his table, so we can watch them grow every day!

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

Once the seedlings have sprouted and matured for your cups (3-6 weeks from planting), transplant outside in your garden and watch them grow to maturity!

This is a wonderful activity for toddlers to participate in, especially while learning about Earth Day (April 22, 2015)!

Planting Seeds | #earthday #stonyfieldblogger

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