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The importance of having back up batteries at Disney.

The importance of having back up batteries at Disney |

As you’re planning your trip to Disney, one thing to remember is that your fan, children’s toys and cell phones will all need batteries or to charge their batteries throughout your stay. We ran our son’s fan all day, everyday to keep him cool. This required lots of spare batteries and unfortunately batteries in the parks are expensive…a pack for $12! Oye! Anything to make our baby comfortable, though. Note for next time: bring lots of batteries (rechargeable batteries are even better!).

Also, the cell phone service at Disney is not great. My phone had a terrible time trying to find reception (I have AT&T). This used up my cell phone’s battery more so than I would normally see at home, requiring at least one extra charge throughout the day. However, no one wants to stop for that long to recharge with a wall charger. That’s the beauty of an external battery source!

The importance of having back up batteries at Disney |

I would highly suggest purchasing a PORTABLE CHARGER before your trip. Mine can charge my phone up to 4 times and it’s just a little bigger than my phone. Just slip it into your diaper bag and you’re good to go. You can charge your phones and electronics as necessary.

If I had one request of Disney World, it would be to add more cell towers or to have free wifi throughout the parks. Lesson learned: if you need your phone for the Disney app, camera, communication or children’s entertainment, invest in a portable charger.

The importance of having back up batteries at Disney |


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