rain and stroller recognition at disney

Rain and Stroller Recognition Tips at Disney.

Being prepared for rain at Disney | chocolateandcarrots.com

You’re in Florida.

It rains.

Bring ponchos for your family and your stroller, or buy them in the park. If there’s a slight chance that it might rain while you’re on a ride, go ahead and cover your stroller with a poncho with the hood tied in a knot. Not only will this prevent your stroller and diaper bag from getting wet, but it also acts as an easy way for you to spot your stroller among the sea of strollers.

Stroller Recognition Tips at Disney | chocolateandcarrots.com

If there’s no chance of rain, you still want to be able to spot your stroller in stroller parking. Bring a brightly colored scarf that you can wrap around the handles of your stroller to be able to spot it from across the way.

There you have it, a quick tip for spotting your stroller at Disney!

Stroller Recognition Tips at Disney | chocolateandcarrots.com


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