DIY Baby + Toddler Haircut

A step by step guide to giving a toddler a haircut in the bath tub. I’m honored to be a contributor for Inspired Home, sharing these tips and much more!

DIY Baby + Toddler Haircut |

I’ve had to get creative over the years with hygiene and haircuts for my boys. It all started out when my husband received unfavorable haircuts from discount salons. I couldn’t take it! So, I bought a pair of scissors and went to practicing. My husband was very patient with me while I learned to cut hair. When it came time for Liam to get his first hair cut, it was only natural that I do it!

Since that first baby haircut, Liam has had about 10+ haircuts. I hope my trial and error of giving a baby and toddler haircut will help you ease into home grooming in no time!

DIY Baby + Toddler Haircut |

All you need is a few tools and you’ll be well on your way to being a pro at hair cutting. With all of this practice, I now cut my husband, sons and even our dog’s hair. When I’m lucky, my sisters even let me trim their hair!

Before and After:


DIY Baby + Toddler Haircut |

Head over to Inspired Home to see step by step of how I cut my kid’s hair, nails and more!

DIY Baby + Toddler Haircut |

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