Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party

I’m honored to be a member of the Pampers Baby Board, sharing all about their new Cruisers diapers, a video of our playdate party and lots of cute baby booties. Thanks Pampers!

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

This summer Hayden and I traveled to the Pampers headquarters in Ohio where we got a first look of the new Cruisers diapers! I was so excited to try them on my baby and share with you.

In celebration of the new diapers, I hosted a playdate party to showcase how well the babies and toddlers could move and groove in these new diapers. It’s what Pampers is calling going from #SagtoSwag.


#SagtoSwag |

To Swag!

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

The science behind it is pretty fascinating. In the Pampers labs, we were able to see how they built the diapers and got to perform experiments. We poured liquid into the ordinary diapers and the new Cruisers to see how they absorbed it and reacted when movement was applied. With the help of my lab partner, Janssen (Everyday Reading), we poured the equivalent of a full nights wetting into the diaper and then shook it from one end to see how the wet insides moved. The ordinary diaper’s insides fell straight down with gravity when shaken, however the new Cruisers stayed in place.

It’s the new diaper’s three new Extra Absorb ChannelsTM inside that helps distribute wetness evenly so it stays drier and doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers. Woot!

Pampers #SagtoSwag

They still have the have three layers of protection and the thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection. You won’t believe how thin and soft the diapers are when you first put it on. That was the first impression of the parents at the playdate. I love how they saw a noticeable difference from the start, just like I did!

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

The new Cruisers give baby the freedom to move and play in their own unique way, bringing out their own one-of-a-kind SWAG! Think of “Swag” as your baby’s unique personality and the movement that makes them who they are. Swag in this case is more about movement, not necessarily style. Love it!

Further, it’s all about what’s #BetterforBaby. I’m still in awe that that is Pampers’ constant mission. It makes me feel so good as a parent to know that I’m purchasing products from a company that truly cares about my baby.

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

We’ve been using the Cruisers with Hayden for the past few weeks and so far I love how they work! I can’t wait until he’s up and walking to really see how well they work…well, maybe I can wait a little longer. I can’t believe my baby is getting so big!

Anyway. We hosted a playdate party for all of the kids.

First up, presents! I got each child their very own pack of Pampers Cruisers and a little toy to take home! Gosh, I get into so much trouble at Target.

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

Then, it was time to party! Just look at all of those cute booties.

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party | Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

And here’s a little video from our playdate:

Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party | Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party | Pampers #SagtoSwag Cruisers Playdate Party |

The Pampers Cruisers diapers are geared towards active babies and toddlers (diaper sizes: 3 through 6) which allow little ones to move and play freely with Pampers best protection and fit. I’ve been buying them for my kids at Target, but I bet you can find them at any retailer or online. Yay, for no more sagging!

What do you think?
Do you have any sag stories?
Are you ready to try the new Pampers Cruisers?

Pampers #SagtoSwag

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