Hayden is 8 months


  • Date: October 5th, 2015
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Weight: 22.2 pounds
  • Sleeping Pattern: This month has been rough. With traveling to NYC, touring Charleston and teething, sleep has been scatterbrained. He wakes up at least once, if not twice per night. I will usually only feed him one of the two+ wake ups. The other times it takes a quick swaying in mommy’s arms and he’s back to sleep. During the day, however, he’s been sleeping much better. He usually has three one+ hour naps.
  • Eating Habits: Things haven’t changed much from last month. He still has about 5-6 breastfeedings, 1-2 bottles and 2 solid food meals throughout the day.
  • Development: He’s so close to crawling! He will get on his arms and knees and rock back and forth before laying on his stomach again. More often than not, he’ll shuffle on his tummy backwards to get around or do 360 degree spins on his tummy. He is also basically mastered sitting up by himself. I still sit behind him or put a pillow behind him when he gets the wabbles, but he rarely falls.
  • Mischief: He likes constant attention and his attention span has gotten a little shorter this month. I can tell he is ready to be on the move and gets frustrated that he can’t do what he’s trying to tell his body to do!
  • Cuteness: During our trip to NYC, Hayden smiled at everyone he made eye contact with. Needless to say, everyone was very fond of Hayden. I’ve never seen so many happy people in New York City!
  • Talking: He has found his voice (both in crying and talking). He will ‘talk’ by saying what sounds like “Yayaya” or “Vavava”.
  • Favorites: Now that he can sit up on his own, he loves playing with toys on the floor. He especially loves chewing on Sophie the Giraffe and these cloth blocks that crinkle when he squeezes them.
  • Firsts: He traveled with Katie and me to New York City for the first time on September 12-16th. He is an amazing travel buddy. He adapts quickly and easily to life on the go in the Ergo! Hayden has also added a few foods to the list like broccoli, apricots, oatmeal and cinnamon.
  • Concerns: With all the traveling we did this month, Hayden has been extra tired. Because of that, his eyes have been more crossed than usual. We went back to the eye doctor today and we have to start putting a patch over his good eye for a few hours every day. We’ll do this for a few months and check back with the doctor on progress. Most likely he’ll have to have surgery around one year of age.
  • A Day in the Life: The schedule is pretty similar to last month, with the exception of having more wake ups during the night this month. I blame that on crazy schedules and traveling. Hayden will wake up for the day around 6am, breastfeed, play for 1 hour and go back to sleep for 1 hour. He will wake up again, breastfeed, play for 1 hour, solid food, play for 1-2 hours and go back to sleep for 1-2 hours. Again, he will wake up, breastfeed, play for 1 hour, solid food, play for 2-3 hours and go back to sleep for 1 hour. He’ll wake up for a final evening session of breastfeeding, playing and bottle and breastfeeding before bedtime around 8pm. He’ll wake up 1 (or more) time(s) throughout the night to feed again.

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