Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids in the winter is a great opportunity to bond and learn about healthy foods. I’m honored to be a contributor for Inspired Home, sharing these kid-friendly recipes and much more!Cooking With Kids |

I know I’m terribly lucky to live in the South where I can hardly call the weather we’re experiencing, a winter. Shoot, it was 80 degrees in December! But, we do get bombarded by periods of nasty weather. During this time, the kids can’t go outside and we all go a little stir crazy.

Whenever I’m in a mood, getting in the kitchen always turns my frown upside down. It’s such a therapeutic thing for me. The same thing goes for my children. They are wonderful helpers in the kitchen (well, Hayden just makes commentary in the high chair while Liam and I cook and bake). I’ve made three wonderful, kid-friendly healthy recipes for you and your children to make this winter.

Head over to Inspired Home to get the recipes and more photographs of my sous chef!

Cooking With Kids | Cooking With Kids | Cooking With Kids | Cooking With Kids |

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