Making the Most of 7.34 Minutes

Busy mamas still need to take care of themselves, including eating healthy, wholesome meals. I’m honored to be sharing about elevAte salads with you today!

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Life with kids is crazier than I thought it would ever be. With my husband working from home, starting his own business along with getting his masters degree, I’m mommy 24 hours a day.

I’m pretty sure I’m weird because I eat lunch abnormally early in the day. I mean, like sometimes as early as 9:45am.

Since I’ve become a mom, I INHALE food in the very few precious quiet moments that I have to myself. The more I hear my children crying or whining, the faster I eat.

Story of my life.

elevAte salad |

To alleviate my inhalation of food (my esophagus hates me), I try very hard to plan my eating around quiet times: i.e. when Hayden is napping and Liam is coloring, reading, playing, etc. You wouldn’t believe the difference in my eating speeds when it’s quiet. So, yeah. That’s why I eat insanely early…that and because my children were roosters in another lifetime (up before the sun!)

Furthermore, my children are super light sleepers…and our house is awesomely laid out (NOT) to have the kitchen quite close to the bedrooms. Because of this, I try to prepare my lunches as quietly as possible. No smoothies for lunch for me! I really look forward to my habitual salad and yogurt for lunch everyday. It’s my nutritional balance for the day and I really enjoy getting as many fruits and veggies as I can mid-day. It’s that extra energy boost I need to keep chasing after my boys for another 9 hours.

Boys are exhausting! Are girls the same? I’m clueless.

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When I heard about elevAte, I got excited (and hungry). Let me explain. elevAte is a brand new ready-to-eat salad line that includes 8 superfood salads that are non-GMO (5 of them are completely organic!), gluten free, and kid-friendly! Um…no brainer. You mean, I can eat healthy and delicious salads without having to think about prepping during my whole 7.34 minutes of quiet lunch time? Yes.

The company actually sent me all eight varieties to try and I had to fight Logan and Liam for them. They were a family lunch favorite!

Moral of the story: Busy mamas who need a wholesome salads that they literally don’t have to lift a finger to make, need elevAte in their lives. And if your kids happen to want a bite, you’ll be glad you bought such a healthy meal. Done.

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To make life even better, elevAte is giving away a ton of great fitness gear + 4 grand prizes including gym memberships, gift cards and an Apple watch until February 17th, 2016. Go enter and eat healthy!

elevAte salad |

This post was sponsored by elevAte salads. While I have been compensated for my time, my opinions are my own. Please read my disclosure policy for further information.

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  1. I NEED this in my life!! That 7.34 minutes is way too quick to stand in front of the fridge and decide what to make. Love this idea! I feel like when I make my own lunch during normal lunch time it takes me over an hour to eat it between water refills, putting more food on the high chair, getting another pickle from the fridge. 🙂

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