Toddler Friendly Gardening

There are numerous benefits to getting in the garden with your toddler, let’s talk about why it’s so important to get our little hands dirty. I’m honored to be a contributor for Inspired Home, sharing these tips and much more!

Toddler Friendly Gardening |

I’ve learned that kids are messy, especially my boys. Even though my cleanliness obsession, I’ve had to grow to accept the kid’s messes and that it’s all part of the learning process. I know their time covered in dirt is limited and that in a blink of an eye I’ll have to drag them off their video games to come outside with me. That’s just one of many reasons my kids and I have started a family backyard garden.
Toddler Friendly Gardening |

By planting and tending to our garden, I’m hopefully teaching them all about responsibility, healthy eating, nature, how to work with your hands and much more!

So far it’s been full of wonderful laughs and good food. That’s what I call a perfect toddler activity!

Toddler Friendly Gardening |

Head over to Inspired Home to read the in’s and out’s of toddler friendly gardening and why you should start one today!

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  1. Hi Caroline! Can I ask where you found your son’s gardening gloves? We’ve looked around locally, but haven’t been able to find any that will fit my almost three year old!

      1. Nope, other side of the country actually… Tucson. I was hoping maybe you’d have a lead on where to find them online! (I haven’t looked much because I was nervous about buying some without being able to try them on.)

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