New York City in 3 Days with a Baby

My sister, 7 month old son and I went to New York City in August. It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to share all that we learned and where we went. I hope this guide helps you in your planning, as well! Let’s get started.

Getting in and out of Manhattan

La Guardia was quick and easy. The airport was a little crazy but manageable. We ended up hiring a car service to take us to and from the airport since we needed a car seat for Hayden. It was a little more expensive than taking a taxi, but well worth it. We used ABC NYC Limo and Dorina was our driver. It seriously took 15-20 minutes each way to go to the airport from the middle of Manhattan. So awesome and comfortable.


Hotel Hopping

We ended up staying in a different hotel every night, what I’d like to call Hotel Hopping. I combined a business trip with leisure to NYC and the business portion was smack dab in the middle. Because of that, we were in charge of the first and third nights in a hotel (for the leisure portion of our trip) and the business trip handed the second night. Because of that, we had to hotel hop no matter what. Here’s what we thought of it:

Pros of Hotel Hopping:

  1. You can plan your itinerary based upon where you are sleeping and only go in a 1-3 mile radius around that.
  2. You can really get a good feel for different parts of the city when you see it in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  3. You can treat yourself to a fancy hotel at least 1 night.
  4. You can minimize your travel times during the day because you are closer to your destinations.

Cons of Hotel Hopping:

  1. You have to live out of your suitcase more. So a little more ironing.
  2. You have to figure out how to get from hotel to hotel.
  3. You have to plan your itinerary around where you are staying, so if you are not a planning type of person, then stay in 1 hotel and move around the city as you please.

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Over the next two weeks, we’ll dive into the hotels we stayed in and all of the places we walked, sights we saw and food we devoured in New York City. We loved every minute and have a few lessons learned along the way. Here are the posts you should expect to see very soon!

Hotel Reviews

Heart of Manhattan

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