Where to get Donuts in Chicago

I had the chance to go to Chicago for 48 hours this year. Since I didn’t have a lot of play time, I made it my mission to go on a donut hunt. It was a Saturday morning at around 10am, which I thought would give these donut shops a good run for their money, as that is probably their most popular time of the week. I walked all over the city and tried three of the most popular donut shops in Chicago and here’s what I thought of them.



Glazed and Infused

  • Absolutely no line.
  • Extremely nice customer service.
  • It was not an overwhelming selection – there were about 10 donuts to choose from.
  • There was seating.
  • And most importantly, it was DELICIOUS! I had the daily special, which was chocolate glazed with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and mini m&ms. So good.
  • Go here.

firecakes-donuts-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com firecakes-donuts-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com firecakes-donuts-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com firecakes-donuts-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com

Firecake Donuts

  • Very small (8 square feet for customers).
  • No line.
  • It was hard to understand the cashier with his foreign accent
  • They had a pretty good selection with 15-20 donut types.
  • Absolutely no seating and no covered place to stand outside.
  • I got a plain original glazed and it was amazing and the size of my head. Think giant Krispy Kreme.
  • Go here for take out.

doughnut-vault-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com doughnut-vault-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com doughnut-vault-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com doughnut-vault-in-chicago-chocolateandcarrots-com

Doughnut Vault

  • There was a long line – I waited 30-45 minutes in the freezing cold rain.
  • Inside was very small and there was no display of donuts or menu.
  • There was only one person helping everyone
  • The assortment was about 5 donuts
  • I got the ginger stack – it was just okay. It reminded me of something I could have gotten at dunkin’ donuts, for a lot cheaper and no line.
  • Don’t go here.


So that’s that! Have you been to Chicago? What donut shops am I missing?

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