Blaire is 1 month

  • Date: March 17th, 20117
  • Height: 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds 9 ounces
  • Sleeping Pattern: Blaire sleeps all night long (with the exceptions of feedings) and she sleeps most of the day away. The last two days she has had a few 30-60 minute stretches of awake time that has been primarily happy. But it seems like the majority of the time that she is awake is in the car taking Liam to/from school…crying. Hopefully she’ll get used to the car soon! Her longest stretch of sleep was 4 hours…and that was when she was just 2 weeks old!
  • Eating Habits: Exclusively breastmilk, every 1-2 hours all day and night long. She is a sleepy eater and doesn’t spend more than 5 minutes actively sucking on one breast before falling asleep. I’m constantly trying to keep her awake for long enough to drink. I have a feeling these short feedings are what’s causing such frequent feedings. She also does VERY little spitting up. This is amazing to me considering my boys both required burp clothes post-feeding. She will 9 times out of 10, burp/spit up in her mouth and swallow it right back down. Girl doesn’t like to make a mess, I guess!
  • Development: Her head is insanely strong. When she was first born, she was holding her head up while laying on my chest. She’ll do it for even longer stretches now. She’ll even try to hold her body weight up with her legs, too! It’s no wonder I felt bruised from inside when I was pregnant with her. She’s a strong little lady!
  • Mischief: Typical baby, she will go through a few diapers at a time during a poop clean up. Just keeps pooping! Other than that, I’m loving the slow trickle of pee that girls make versus my boys pee to the face move!
  • Cuteness: She’s just so precious. Logan and I keep saying we could just look at her all day! She’s especially cute when she’s stretching or making faces while she sleeps. Liam also calls her, “adorable!”.
  • Talking: Lots of hiccups and crying over here. Thankfully, her cries aren’t too loud.
  • Favorites: She loves deep bounces while being cuddled tightly in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. It’s rare that she’ll happily take a pacifier (she usually gags or makes a nasty face when we try to get her to take it). So, for now, her favorite is to pacify on my breast. Also, she’d be completely content if we held her 24/7.
  • Firsts: She was worn by mommy while breastfeeding on her first walks around the neighborhood at 2 weeks. Since then, stroller rides are mandatory during trips to the grocery store.
  • Concerns: She has been producing tears since she was born and this has caused clogged tear ducts. Her left eye got infected when she was just 1.5 weeks old. We treated it with antibiotic ointment in her eye, but it still hasn’t gone away fully. Her eye constantly drains tears and gets goopy with green. I use a warm wash cloth a few times per day to clean her eyes and massage her tear duct throughout the day. Hoping this helps and we won’t have to put her back on antibiotics.
  • A Day in the Life: She usually has her last feeding of the night around 6am. I get up after that feeding around 6:30am to get the boys up and ready for the day. Meanwhile, she sleeps for two more hours until I feed her around 8am before we take Liam to school. She’ll cry some in the car on the way to and from school. When we get home, I’ll wear her for her first nap, then feed her. She’ll stay awake for about 1 hour and then nap for another hour. However, if she’s not napping on me or in my arms, she will usually only sleep for about 30 minutes. It’s 1 hour if she’s in the baby carrier or in my arms. She’ll feed after every wake up (every 1-2 hours) and take cat naps throughout the day. We’re really having to be flexible at this point because of the errands, house chores, play time with Hayden, taking/picking Liam up from school. On top of that, she doesn’t sleep long at one time because the boys are quite loud throughout the day while they’re playing. Finally, she’ll get settled down for the night around 9-10pm and wake every 1.5-3 hours for feedings during the night.


  1. Blaire is just so precious and adorable. When my son was born, he, too, had clogged tear ducts and went through the same thing as Blaire is going through. It took a good year before they cleared up, but gently massaging the area by the ducts and on the bridge of her nose may also help a little. Enjoy your sweet angel, she is just so precious!

    1. Thank you so much for mentioning your son’s tear ducts. I’ve searched all over the internet and could never find how long it might take to clear up. I’m glad to know that it will clear up and how long we’re looking at. I’ve been massaging the ducts daily, as instructed by her pediatrician. 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Karen! She’s pretty cute (but, I’m totally biased) and I’m soaking up every minute of her!

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