How To Drive Through France in 10 Days


I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to know to drive through France in 10 days. This sample trip takes you from the southern end at Nice all the way up to Paris. Both destinations are international airports for easy traveling to/from home. We’ll take a look at less visited places along the way and give you tips and tricks for getting around France with ease.

I did a lot of research before our trip and watched a mess of YouTube videos and dissected Rick Steve’s travel books. I hope this compilation helps you plan your next trip to France!

As I post about the following, the titles will become links. I hope you’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

Where we visited:

How to:

  • Drive in France
  • Stay Digitally Connected in France
  • Sleep in France
  • Communicate in French
  • Leave children for 10 days

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Our Sample Itinerary

Day 1
We left at 8:00am EST and was on a plane across the ocean at 7:30pm EST – 9:45am (GMT+2…this is 6 hours ahead of EST) where we landed in Nice, France

(GMT+2 for the rest of the itinerary)

June 3rd
10:00am: Pick up rental car from Europcar at the Nice Airport
11:00am: Arrive in Nice to explore
3:00pm: Leave Nice and head to Lavender Fields
8:00pm: Arrive in Aix-en-Provence for the night:

June 4th
10:00am: Leave Aix-en-Provence
11:30am: Arrive at Pont-du-Gard
5:00pm: Arrive in Annecy for the night

June 5th
7:00am: Drive to Chamonix for the day, taking Mer de Glace train for half day
5:00pm: Drive back to Annecy

June 6th
9:00am: Leave Annecy for Beaune Tourism Office
1:30pm: Wine Tasting with Chemins de Bourgogne
5:30pm: Drive to airbnb for night in Corgoloin, Burgandy 

June 7th
12:00pm: Leave airbnb
4:00pm: Arrive at Chateau de Perreux

June 8th
Explore Chateaus in the area

June 9th
11:00am: Drive into Paris and drop car off
2:00pm: Check into airbnb in the 7th Arrondissement
Tour Paris

June 10th
9:30am: Airbnb Bike Tour 

June 11th
Tour Paris

June 12th
4:30am: Leave for airport
2:55pm: EST Arrive in CHS

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