Blaire is 7 months

  • Date: September 17th, 2017
  • Height: 26.5 inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs 8oz
  • Sleeping Pattern: Well, she had about 2 weeks of pretty consistent sleep….then she got a cold. It’s be almost two weeks of terrible sleep and almost no napping. I’ll be so happy when she can breathe through her nose and we can get back on track!
  • Eating Habits: Since the possible pea allergic reaction, she’s been successful with every other food! She’s tried green beans, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, corn, bananas and apples. She loved them all except for bananas. Hated bananas. Other than that, she’s breastfed and has one 4 oz bottle to top her off at night.
  • Development:  Blaire jumps in with both feet. She went from flailing around on her tummy to fully on-crawling and sitting up. She actually master crawling before sitting up! It took her only 1 week to perfect and now she is crawling all around the place.
  • Mischief: She has to be in my sight or in my arms at all times. If Logan picks her up and she sees me, she starts crying. Bad mama-itis still!
  • Cuteness: She plays shy when someone says hi to her while I’m holding her. She’ll cut her eyes at them and lean her head on my shoulder. So cute!
  • Talking: She says “mama”! Yay! That’s her only word right now and says it all day. Melt me.
  • Favorites: My right hip.
  • Firsts: Crawling! Sitting up! And lots of veggies and fruits (see food section).
  • Concerns: She’s doing great! No concerns! Just time is going too quickly.
  • A Day in the Life: This month, Blaire goes to bed around 8pm. She gets a bath and is then nursed to sleep and wakes up 1-3 times throughout the night until 7am. During the day she takes 3-4 naps. They are getting longer, so they’ll usually last for 45-90 minutes long. During the day with the cat naps she’ll be up for 1-3 hours straight before napping.

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