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Their name: a few words your child will resonate with for the rest of their lives. For just a few syllables, a person’s name creates quite the lasting impact. For some it’s an inspirational representation of what your child can become, a thing of beauty and hope and the single most frequently heard word in their lives, perhaps besides “no” or “yes” in their early years. What a special gift we can give our children!

It’s a tremendous amount of pressure for us parents to provide our child with a name. For my husband and me, we don’t take naming our children lightly. Being planners, having a tool to help along your naming journey is a huge asset. Did you know that Pampers has a Baby Name Generator? This tool can assist us parents in our journey!

The Pampers Baby Name Generator allows us to get inspiration for what to name our new little one, and provides fun facts and information about names we may have already chosen. This tool is loaded with information about names, most of which we take into account when choosing a name for our child. Some of the info includes pronunciations, origins, themes, meanings, popularity rankings, and name length. All you have to do is sign up or sign into your account and you’ll unlock all the awesome Baby Name Generator features. Woot!

Allow me to dive into our baby naming process. It’s extensive, so hang tight!

I’ll start with the fact that my husband and I are quite picky. With that said, after successfully naming three children with no fighting, we enjoy our little (but complex) naming system!

I typically don’t even begin to think of baby names until after I get over the morning sickness (for me that’s around 20 weeks). When I get my energy back, I spend oodles of time scouring the name generators for potential names. They range from names I just love to completely random, outlandish names. I like throwing in a curveball or two to make us think and expand our creativity. Then, I’ll store all of my favorite names somewhere. The profiles feature within the Pampers Baby Name Generator is perfect for this!

After I’ve had some time to collect a long list, I’ll share it with my husband. He’ll immediately nix the ones he doesn’t like and we’ll quickly discuss the ones still remaining on the short list. We will reiterate through this process for weeks until…

…we go on our babymoon!

Before each of our children, we’ve gone for a weekend to stay at our favorite resort. It’s glorious. We literally do nothing but eat, exercise, have my husband rub my feet and, you guessed it, talk for hours and hours and hours about baby names. We’ve never left the resort until we have settled on a full name for both a girl or a boy (we were surprised at birth with the genders of our children).

We have quite a bit of criteria that our baby names have to match:

  • We have to like the name.
  • The full name and first/last name has to flow well.
  • The initials must be non-teasable.
  • The meaning of the names must be positive or neutral.
  • The popularity of the name and future of the name must be low. (A hard-learned lesson after naming our first born)
  • There must be no way to make their name into a nickname.
  • We must use their first name as what we will call them (no calling them by their middle name or a combination thereof).
  • Their name must fit well with their siblings, parents and pets names.
  • Their middle name must be named after a scientist/mathematician, therefore have meaning to us and inspiration to our future child.

I find naming our children such a joy and a memory I will cherish. Here are the names of our children.

Our first born we named Liam Christopher. We loved the name Liam (and came to find out it was #4 in popularity that year…queue fist to forehead). Christopher is named after my father who is a computer scientist.

Our second born is Hayden Blaise. We loved the name Hayden ever since we were pregnant with Liam. Blaise is named after the famous French mathematician, physicist and inventor, Blaise Pascal (Pascal’s Triangle, anyone?).

Our third born is Blaire Amalie. Blaire has been on our short list for a girl with all three children. We loved how strong a name it was! Amalie is after Amalie Emmy Noether, a German mathematician whom Einstein wrote was the “most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced since the higher education of women began.”1

A Few More Words

There are plenty of ways to go about naming your child. There’s no wrong or right way, just your way! However, if you’re stuck, try thinking about what is important to you. Those themes, origins, types of people, family names, etc. may give you a jumpstart to discovering your favorite names. Thankfully you have 9 months to think about it!

Since I’m a planner, I like to know our child’s name before he/she is born. However, I know friends who have brought a short list of their favorite names to the birth to decide on a name when they see their child. Whatever your method, it’s good to get ahead of the game and give some thought to your baby name!

There you have it! Don’t forget to check out the Pampers Baby Name Generator tool when you go to name your next little one…and congratulations!

I’d love to hear your children’s names and any of your baby naming traditions!

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