Blaire is 12 months

  • Date: February 17th, 2018
  • Height: 28.5 inches
  • Weight:  20lbs 1oz
  • Sleeping Pattern: She has a fairly regular sleeping schedule and goes down for naps like a dream! She always waves “bye bye light” to initiate bedtime.
  • Eating Habits: Well, she started becoming pickier right at 12 months old. She doesn’t like trying fruit with her hands or even new vegetables. She will devour cooked dinners like a champ, though. She still LOVES baby food pouches, so between her and Hayden, they consume quite a bit of puréed foods! She also has tried using utilizes, which is pretty cute until it becomes a catapult. She also still breastfeeds upon waking in the morning, waking from nap and just before bed at night. She’s trying to wean off of the post-nap nursing and morning nursings, which is hard because she wants to join in on the fun, but because of that, I don’t have enough milk that she wants just before bed. This is the longest I’ve ever breastfed for and I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate the waters.
  • Development: She literally went from crawling to walking with ease in two weeks. It was just after she turned 1 year old that she started walking. Within those next two weeks, she’s got her balance down. Fast forward to 13 months old and she’s got pivoting and carrying things while walking. So big!
  • Mischief: Blaire is in the dreaded stage of putting everything in her mouth. Taking her outdoors, she longs to get down and walk around but I have to hover over her and take things out of her mouth constantly. It’ll be so nice when she doesn’t have to taste everything she sees.
  • Cuteness: She continues to melt us with her cuteness. She lives on my hip most of the day still and gives the best hugs and has now figured out kissing! Most of the time, kissing is with her mouth open, but it’s adorable, nonetheless.
  • Talking: She’s not afraid to express herself. When she wants something, she’ll grunt for it and reach. When it’s not the right thing that you reach for, she’ll instantly cry and throw her head back. She’s also not afraid to have a noodling temper tantrum on the floor. My, my, the drama begins!
  • Favorites: She loves her pacifier, but right at 12 months I started leaving the pacifiers in her crib. If I let her, she would suck on it all day long. I’ve never had a pacifier baby, so I’m trying to teach her it’s just for sleeping right now. We’ll work on getting rid of it during sleeping later.
  • Firsts: Well, in the last two months (she’s almost 14 months old now) we’ve sold our house, moved in with my in-laws and bought and are fixing up a new house. She’s done beautifully with the transition. There have been many wake ups during the night because of the transition, but she’s handling it all very well. She goes with the flow and loves playing and exploring. She’s a climber, so the stairs in my in-laws house and our new house have been a fun first for her (terrifying for me!).
  • Concerns: I think her slightly pickiness in food is my main concern, but like all kids she’s testing the waters and I hope she’ll be a good eater down the road.
  • A Day in the Life: She wakes up around 7:30am (or whenever she hears her brothers!). Then it’s nursing and breakfast followed by playing until around 11am. She takes a 2-3 hour nap and gets up to nurse, have lunch and play some more until dinner. She eats dinner around 5pm, takes a bath and goes to bed around 7:30pm.

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