Hugh is 2 months

  • Date: November 12th, 2019
  • Height:  23 inches
  • Weight: 10lbs 13oz
  • Sleeping Pattern: Hugh is doing pretty well in the sleep department. He sleeps from 2-4 hour stretches at night and does 30 minute to 1 hour naps during the day. However, if I wear in my the Solly Wrap, he’ll sleep for a good 2 hours. I can’t blame him, though, we’re quite loud during the day and he’s still sleeping in a bassinet downstairs with us. At night he sleeps in the bassinet next to the bed.
  • Eating Habits: Hugh is completely on breastmilk straight from the breast and fed on demand throughout the day and night. He usually eats every 1-3 hours all day and night. Occasionally, he’ll sleep a 4 hour segment at night (which is lovely!).
  • Development: He’s beginning to track with his eyes a lot more frequently and stay awake for longer stretches of time. We can also tell his head is getting stronger when we hold him to our chest.
  • Mischief: He absolutely loves being held. Sometimes during the day it’s hard to put him down because he gets upset (I don’t mind!). I’ve also found that he prefers resting on my chest when being held more than in the crook of my arms. More cuddles! The other mischief he gets up to is all of the laundry that we’re now doing with the increased spitting up. We continue to compare Hugh to Liam (the spit up king) in the spit up department. However, we know how fortunate we are that Hugh is not a fussy spitter (or colic-y) like Liam was.
  • Cuteness: When he sleeps, he is just precious! His little lips with his mouth wide open while sleeping melts me every time. Hugh also makes the sweetest little sounds while sleeping.
  • Talking: No talking yet, just cries when something is not the way he likes it!
  • Favorites: He loves his pacifier and he also tries to sneak those fingers into his mouth. Occasionally, he’ll get his thumb and he loves it until his hand involuntarily removes it from his mouth.
  • Firsts: He smiled for the first time on November 9th! He was 8 weeks old. Since then, he only smiles once a day (if any) and it’s first thing in the morning.
  • Concerns: After his two week doctor’s appointment he started spitting up a lot more frequently. So much so, we put him on ranitidine (zantac) for acid reflux. We kept him on it for nine days but wasn’t seeing much difference in spitting up or wake ups due to spitting up. He never really was fussy about the spitting up, either, so we took him off of it. He’s been off of it for three days, but he still wakes in the night 1-2 hours after a meal with thick curdled milk spit up that he chokes on. I have to suction it out of his nose sometimes, too. No fun. We’ll keep monitoring it before deciding whether to put him back on the medication.
  • A Day in the Life: Around 7pm Hugh will start acting like he wants to nurse and nothing else will satisfy. I will then nurse him for the next hour while I one-handedly help put Liam, Hayden and Blaire to bed. I usually take Hugh with me to read books and sing to Blaire during this time. Once he finally goes to sleep after on-off breastfeeding until 9am, he sleeps for 1-4 hours in that first stretch of sleep. If he does a 4 hour, it’ll be now (it’s happened three times!), otherwise it’s typical for him to sleep 2 hours throughout the night. The last feeding of the night will be around 5am. I put him back down and the rest of the crew wakes up. At this point, I transfer Hugh to the bassinet downstairs to sleep a little longer while I get everyone else fed for the morning. Hugh nurses throughout the day around every 2 hours. Between feedings, I’ll either hold him, wear him in the Solly wrap, he’ll sleep in the car seat on errands or our morning walk, he’ll hang out in the bouncy seat or sleep in the bassinet downstairs. Otherwise, he just goes with the flow, being held, eating or sleeping through the craziness that is our every day life!

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