Hugh is 3 months

  • Date: December 12th, 2019
  • Height:  23.5 inches
  • Weight: 11lbs 11oz
  • Sleeping Pattern: Well, it’s been a bit of a toss up with sleep this month. Some amazing nights Hugh would do one 4-5 hour stretch of sleep, then not sleep much after that. Other nights, he would do little baby stretches of 1-2 hours throughout the night. Overall, he would go to bed between 7-10pm, depending on how long it would take him to go to sleep. Finally, he’d wake up for the day around 6-7am and do a pattern of awake for 1 hour, sleep for 30 minutes. I think he took two naps the entire month that were longer than 30 minutes…those were glorious and productive!
  • Eating Habits: He is a pretty good eater. He does still spit up a ton and has gas throughout the day/night (poor guy). He is on a wake, eat, play, sleep routine throughout the day to have more predictability,
  • Development: Hugh’s head is getting so strong! He’s able to keep it up for quite some time in tummy time or in our arms. Right at the beginning of his fourth month (December 15th) we put him in a baby sitting chair and he loved sitting up and looking around.
  • Mischief: We need to get sleep under control over the next couple of months. These cat naps and naps in the swing are not helping our nights. This too shall pass.
  • Cuteness: Just after he turned 3 months (December 13th) he started smiling a lot more frequently! It’s the greatest thing ever. He even gets excited sometimes and makes a sound when he sucks in air. I melt with that long awaited smile!
  • Talking: He’s not afraid to let me know when he needs something!
  • Favorites: He almost exclusively sleeps in the swing for every nap during the day. It’s the only way I get two hands free for a moment throughout the day. Otherwise, you’ll find Hugh either nursing or me carrying him outwards in one arm while we go about our day. He loves observing everything and gets upset if I try to wear him in the carrier. He wants to seeeee!
  • Firsts: He started finding his hands this month, which is exciting! Occasionally he grab onto his left hand and suck away, which keeps him quite happy! He also experienced his first Thanksgiving (spent at home with just us since everyone was sick). He wore a Turkey hat and slept through most of the day!
  • Concerns: This was a busy month, most of which Hugh was sick with RSV. Thankfully, he is feeling fully healthy again. Yay! But, during the illness, his breathing and cough got so bad that we decided to take him to the Emergency Room. Thankfully with a breathing treatment and some reassurance from both the ER doctor (who relayed information from our pediatrician), we headed home after just two hours. Thank you, Mom for going with me and Hugh!
  • A Day in the Life: Hugh usually sleeps until 6-7am until I get the other three kids fed for the day. He is on a wake, eat, play, sleep pattern throughout the day and this gets started when we start school for the day after breakfast. I feed him and he joins us in the school room for our morning learning. Throughout the school time, I hold him until he starts yawning or gets fussy and he goes to sleep in the swing for 30 minutes. Repeating that routine, we go about our busy day and Hugh watches it all from my arms. Finally, around 7pm we get the older three ready for bed, Logan puts them to sleep while I nurse Hugh until he will stay asleep around 9-10pm. Then, he will usually do a  longer 3-5 hour stretch of sleep at the beginning of the night and do little cat-nap sleeps until morning.

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