Hugh is 8 months

  • Date: May 12th, 2020
  • Height: 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz
  • Sleeping Pattern: Hugh usually has two or three wake ups in the night and 2-3 naps during the day.
  • Eating Habits: Up until the day before he turned 8 months old, he was having around 7-8 breastfeeding sessions in 24 hours. He would also have 3 solid food “meals” per day (one mid morning, one mid afternoon, one dinner). I had followed his lead on when to stop the food at every meal. He had worked up to about 1/2 cup per meal of solid pureed baby food. However, he has consistently been constipated no matter the type of food he ingested. So, I’ve taken him down to a total of 1/2-1 cup of food per day, but added a couple of formula bottles and extra tiny breastfeeding sessions throughout the day, in an experiment to see how he does bowel-wise and in temperament. We’ll see how that goes. So far, it’s been 1 day and he acts upset after every solid food meal like he wants more. He also reaches for anything I’m eating or drinking.
  • Development: Hugh is pushing up while on his stomach so well! He can roll over quite easily, but only rolls counterclockwise. He gets mad when he wedges himself on the side of his crib and can’t roll the other way! Otherwise, he’s tried a whole bunch of food varieties, even some of our dinners that have been pureed.
  • Mischief: While Hugh is awake, he spends very little time not connected to my hip. Despite my efforts to show him fun in his many toy apparatus, he just finds the day better on my hip. This makes for a lot of trouble with all of my other responsibilities for the day. He’s still not sleeping very well, but I’m trying to savor the extra quiet time with him.
  • Cuteness: His smile when he sees me across the room melts me! Especially when he’s jumping in his johnny jump up and I’m making breakfast. He will see me across the room and both of us will light up with smiles!
  • Talking: Hugh still likes making the “ahh” sound. He’s beginning to understand that we can have “conversations” with this sounds.
  • Favorites: He loves fruit. He can’t stand vegetables. Sounds just like his older brother, Hayden! Speaking of Hayden, Hugh loves trying Hayden’s green smoothies.
  • Firsts: Hugh has two bottom teeth now! He’s been really easy with his teething. He just bit me once and hasn’t done it since. He also doesn’t complain about it much or drool much. We’re anxiously waiting for Hugh to start sitting up! That’s such a fun stage.
  • Concerns: Well, we’re two months into the coronavirus pandemic isolation. While there are many, many benefits for Hugh with us being at home 24/7, he is becoming increasingly more of a home body. If/When Logan and I get to go on a date again, Hugh is going to struggle not having Mommy and Daddy. He’s attached!
  • A Day in the Life: Hugh goes to bed around 7:30pm where he gets a bath, brushes teeth and gets a breastfeeding session and formula bottle (usually 4-6oz). He typically wakes around 11pm and 3am, but sometimes will wake up at 1am and/or 5am, as well. He’ll get up for the day around 6-7am. He has breastmilk after each wake up and 3 solid food meals throughout the day. Hugh will typically take a 10-30 minute nap during our morning walk/run around 8am. Then, he’ll stay awake until 11am when he goes down for another 30-60 minute nap (usually 30 minutes, but he occasionally surprises me with a 1.5 hour nap!) Hugh will then stay awake until 3:30pm when he’ll have another 30 minute nap (if he didn’t do the 60-90 minute nap). Then, bedtime at 7:30pm.

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