Hugh is 10 months

  • Date: July 12th, 2020
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Weight: 21 lbs 9oz
  • Sleeping Pattern: Hugh has gotten fairly consistent with sleep (Yay!) He takes two naps during the day, one 1-2 hour nap around 10:30am and another 30-90 minute nap around 3pm. He usually sleeps from 8pm-7am with 1-2 wake ups in the night.
  • Eating Habits: He has around 6-7 breastfeedings in 24 hours, one 4-8oz formula bottle at night and 3 solid food meals per day.
  • Development: This is my absolute favorite baby stage!!! Hugh is sitting up perfectly now but not yet crawling or walking. I can put him somewhere and he just sits. Cue the heart emoji! However, this week, he’s learned how to go from tummy to go his hands and knees and will sometimes rock back and forth. It’s almost crawling time!
  • Mischief: I’m not complaining in the slightest, but Hugh still doesn’t like to be put down. I’m loving every minute of my cuddles with him! However, he’s grown too big for his Johnny Jump Up, assisted sitter seat and bouncy seat. He still fits in the 360 entertainment center and we’ve pulled out the pack-n-play for play time, as well. However, he does NOT like being in either of those. Mommy’s hip is the favorite. Before I forget, he does still spit up, but nothing like he used to. Solid food is helping with that…also coloring it. Yuck!
  • Cuteness: This baby melts me with his kisses, cuddles and love. I’m spoiled by his love.
  • Talking: Hugh has started to make more sounds! He says more ‘ah’, ‘mah’, da’ sounds. Nothing is to say a name, but he’s fun to see his personality come through.
  • Favorites: He’s a big time pacifier still. I’ve started to leave a few in his crib with him at night for him to find in hopes he’ll sleep longer. Especially since he can’t crawl to him yet, I scatter them about the crib.
  • Firsts: Not many firsts other than foods this month. He’s still trying a variety of food every day and loves every bit of it! He’s become quite a good eater. He has also begun using a water sippy cup. He needs assistance to drink with it still, but is beginning to enjoy it more.
  • Concerns: We’re not as concerned as just aware that Hugh will need more time to meeting family and people in his life outside of us five. He doesn’t remember anyone outside of our home since the pandemic began. He’s going to be rough when we start introducing him to family and friends again…whenever that time comes.
  • A Day in the Life: Hugh wakes up around 7am, has breastmilk and we’re off on our walk or run for the day. After the run, Hugh will play while the older kids do their school work, have another breastmilk and a solid food meal before napping around 10:30am. He will usually take a 1.5-2 hour nap. When he wakes, he will have more breastmilk followed by more play. A solid food meal happens around an hour after he’s been awake and he’ll play some more until around 3pm. He’ll nap at 3pm for 30-90 minutes (usually on the shorter side). Hugh will eat breastfeed, eat dinner with us and play (or ride along in my arms) until we begin bedtime routines at 6:30pm. He will help me read and sing to Blaire and then he’ll get a final breastfeeding and bottle before bed. Sometimes, he’ll stay up until 8 or 9 after a tiny cat-nap while feeding. Those are fun. Haha! Then, he’ll usually wake around 12:30am and again around 5am. A quick diaper change and breastfeeding allows for him to get back to sleep until 7am.

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