Hugh is 11 months

He’s moving! It’s hard to get a photo, now!

  • Date: August 12th, 2020
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds 5 ounces
  • Sleeping Pattern: Sleep has gotten a bit better this month! He wakes up once per night about half of the nights. He usually takes two naps throughout the day, but I’m seeing a pattern of dropping down to one nap towards the end of the month.
  • Eating Habits: Not much has changed with food this month. He still breastfeeds about five times per day (morning, after both naps, before bed and once at night). He also has three solid food meals per day (a mixture of purées and finger foods) and 8-12 ounces of formula before bed. He also drinks from a water sippy cup throughout the day.
  • Development: Just in the last week of this month, he transitioned from tummy to sitting, which was a big deal! One week later (11 months and 3 days) he started crawling! It was slow, but within one week of crawling he is full on crawling around the house.
  • Mischief: He’s gotten very expressive when he disapproves of something. This is specifically pertaining to foods. He will quickly let you know through crying, head shaking and throwing his head back if he doesn’t like something. We’ve been practicing the “all done” and “more” signs to help communication.
  • Cuteness: The way he does a “cheese face” when he sees us is adorable, he squints his eyes and smiles with his teeth. So cute! He also gets so proud of himself when he stands up and pats the chair or table he is holding onto.
  • Talking: Hugh is babbling a bit more this month, saying things like, “Gaga”, “Rara” and “Mama”. We’re not claiming that as saying any words just yet, but it’s good to see he’s making more sounds!
  • Favorites: He loves wheels. He has a few toys with wheels and loves rolling them on the floor. He is also teething pretty hard, so anything chewy is great! Lastly, his pacifier is our saving grace. Favorite people at the moment: Mommy and Liam.
  • Firsts: Transitioning from tummy to sitting 8/10/2020, pulling up to standing 8/12/2020 and crawling 8/15/2020. It was a busy week of firsts!
  • Concerns: His temperament is very similar to Hayden at this age, especially as it pertains to food. I’m preparing myself for another picky eater and possibly some sensory hurtles and autism. It doesn’t scare me this time around because of our experience with Hayden. I know if Hugh has some of these challenges ahead, we will get through them with flying colors.
  • A Day in the Life: He wakes up around 7am to a breastfeeding meal followed by solid food. We usually go for a walk/run around this time. When we return, Hugh plays on the floor with me or is held while I teach morning class until around 10am. He now takes about a 1 hour nap. When he wakes up, he breastfeeds again and has another solid food meal. Hugh will play on the floor while the rest of the kids finish school or help with house chores before we go outside to a little while. At this point, he might take a second nap. If he doesn’t he is either living on my hip or playing at my feet while I get dinner going or doing chores around the house. Then, it’s dinner and more play time before bed time routine starts. Hugh gets a bath, brushes his teeth and gets a breastfeeding and bottle while awake and listening to books to his siblings. Then we sing songs and go to bed. Hugh will wake up around once per night half of the nights.

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