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Chocolate & Carrots is an expression of my passions and culinary endeavors. Throughout my journey, I have found that capturing beautiful images and sharing my honest thoughts and learnings with others leads to meaningful conversation with the community. In addition to getting in the kitchen myself, I also have a passion to travel and reviewing culinary/tourism destinations. Below you’ll find more ways that we can work together and some examples of my work. My friends, I would love to see what we can cook up together!

Food Photography & Styling
Styling and photographing food is one of my passions. I have worked with major brands, bloggers, publishers and restaurants to style and photograph dishes. If I can help do that for your website, magazine, cookbook, etc., I would be honored to work with you!

Recipe Development
Getting creative in the kitchen is what I love to do. Developing recipes, especially healthier ones is my ‘icing on the cake’. I can develop a recipe with your product to live on my website with links back to your website (these sponsored posts are limited every month) or even develop recipes just for you and your company to use attribution-free.

Product Reviews & Giveaways
I enjoy learning about new products, as well as sharing those I’ve grown to love with my readers. I will only share my honest opinion and will try my best to capture the best attributes of your product. Since I strive to maintain a positive outlook on Chocolate & Carrots, negative reviews will not be published.

Brand Ambassadorships
I value partnering with brands/companies that I’m passionate about on a long term basis. I contribute and promote high quality content through blog posts and social media channels as well as represent brands at events.

Conference Attendance
I am available to represent your company/brand at any blog/food related conference.

Travel Review/Press Trip
Traveling is a passion of mine and I’d love to photograph and share my experiences about your destination. I’ve reviewed restaurants, trips and travels and can do it for you, too. I also enjoy going behind the scenes at food companies (from farm to facility) learning and sharing the process of your product.

I contribute engaging and visual content for food or parenting publications (website, magazine, eBook, etc.).

Advertising on Chocolate & Carrots is a new medium to connect brands and readers. With this space being new for Chocolate & Carrots, I’d prefer to promote brands that I trust via direct advertising.

Please email me to discuss how we can work together in more detail. My media kit is also available upon request. I can’t wait to talk to you!

Recent examples of my sponsored work

Chocolate Cherry Cups to promote National Cherry Month for the Cherry Marketing Institute:

Chocolate Cherry Cups |

Green Noodle Bowl to promote Dreamfields Pasta:

Green Noodle Bowl

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Biscotti to promote the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System:


Chocolate Raspberry Macarons to promote Felix Doolittle:

Chocolate Raspberry Macarons-7

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies to promote Pampered Chef:

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies-1802

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches to promote Cookies & Cream Cookbook:

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches |